In Memory of Dad & his love of the Flathead

I wanted to build a different bike. It had to be a pleasure to drive and nicely proportioned.
Overall measurements are: 9 feet long, 34 inches wide, 50 inches high, and the seat comes
up to a comfortable 26 inches. She cruises along nicely at 110 km per hour, weighs in at 1100
lbs.-with fuel, oil, and coolant - but she handles like a dream and looks very nice.

The motor powering my build is a 1949 Ford Flathead. It was originally a 100 hp., 239 cu. in.,
4100 cc; but has been .060 oversized. The Arvi Motorcycle has a uni-body construction.

She has a 12V charging system with a 1959 Ford Generator, stock oil filter, stock Holley 2 BBL
carburetor, custom 4 core radiator, rear wheel (Chevy 4x4 front spindle & disc brake.)
The Springer front end was the look I wanted, semi truck air seat front shocks were added
because of the weight of the engine, custom built handlebars fitted with Harley hand
controls, Arlen Ness mirrors and the headlight is a driving light from a 1998 Mack Gravel
Truck. The front wheel and axle are from Hallcrafts, fitted with a Dunlop MM90-19 front tire
and Harley Disc Brake.

She's driven by a Yamaha differential, single speed drive 1.62 ratio, hand & foot clutch, hand
lever neutral, neutral operated kick stand. The rear tire is a Uniroyal Tiger Paw 235.17 R15,
mounted on a 15 x 8 Polished Atlas rear wheel. A Mercedes Benz electric fan cools the
radiator, we have dual throttle cables, mechanical Temperature, Oil and Volt Meter.

A few other tidbits on this custom beauty are custom designed foot controls, custom fish
tail straight exhaust pipe, polished stock intake, centre stand, left hand chain drive, custom
coffin reserve fuel tank with a custom 3 gallon main tank, Raleigh digital speedometer,
Protach Equuis Prod. Inc. Tachometer, skull cup holder, Suzuki Master Brake Cylinder,
Custom made leather covered V8 Solo Saddle, and a 1932 Ford Tail-light.

Interested in owning one of these wonderful motorcycles? Contact: for
pricing information.

The beauty of one of these bikes is that it can be custom ordered-if there is something
you'd like added-we could sit down and talk it over.

The Arvi Motorcycle has been designed to be sleek and low. Some may want it wider or
higher, larger fuel tanks, a wilder paint job, optional aluminum heads, alternator, & aluminum
water pumps.... the possibilities are endless....... think about it!